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Schredit 1.0

Why use schredit? After all, Windows allows you to delete files, documents, pictures and other data by simply dropping them into the trashcan and when you 'empty the trash' those files are gone. Right? Wrong! You just need to browse the internet, shareware libraries etc to find dozens, if not hundreds of simple utilities that can recover deleted files, folders and even whole harddrives. So, just because you delete something doesn't mean that somebody else isn't going to read it.
Download Details: Schredit
File Size:1.45 MB
Price:US$ 19.50
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:18110009
System:Windows XP/2000
Update Date:10-11-2006

Schredit sits on your Windows desktop just like trashcan. It can permanently shred and remove confidential files, images and data. It includes a brand new feature called 'Schred my Trashcan' making schredit even easier to use.


  • Easy to use

  • Permanently remove confidential files, documents, pictures and other data.

  • Include a brand new feature called 'Schred my Trashcan'. This means you don't have to use Schredit all the time. Just use the normal Windows delete which places files into the Windows Recycle Bin where they can be recovered if you change your mind. Then, when you really want to permanently remove them simply call up Schredit to 'Schred my Trashcan' and everything in the Windows Recycle Bin is permanently removed.

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