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Split it 3.1

Split it is an award winning software with more than 19 features to split a file into parts and then merge them so that you could transfer them and from floppy disks or cd's etc along with many enhanced features that no other file splitter possess. It is rated as the best file splitter by majority of the websites and our users. See the User Reviews and Awards for more information.
Download Details: Split it
File Size:1.53 MB
Price:US$ 9.95
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Download ID:18110098
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:06-28-2004


  • Universal merge - A special feature of the split it which allows you to merge the files splitted by any splitter.

  • isk Span - A feature in which you insert a floppy disk or zip disk and specify the path of the ouput folder (ie. where you want want to place the splitted file part in floppy or zip disk). Split it will automatically calculate the free space in the floppy(or zip disk) and split the file.

  • Antivirus Scan - Optional antivirus scan after merging the files.

  • Dynamic Split - A feature in which user specifies the size of each part of the file to be splitted. This is particularly useful if the user wants the file to be splitted in variable size parts.

  • Self-merger - Split it can create a self-merger exe file which can recreate the original file(splitted by splitter) without split it being installed on that computer

  • Disk Span N Join - Another excellent feature to be used while merging the files from removable drives . Normally when joining the files which are in floppy or zip disk or Cd's all the parts are to be copied in the hard drive . But Split it can join the files by inserting floppy disk or cd one by one which contain part of the splitted file when prompted by Split it.

  • User Defined Memory Usage - User can specify how much memory to be to be used by Split it .More the memory faster is the splitting.

  • Decimal size - User can specify decimal size to split a file.

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