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Utilities > Optimizers & Diagnostics

MemoKit 1.0

MemoKit is the fastest memory manager which enables your computer to work more efficiently. It will definitely help your computer work faster. Moreover, MemoKit makes your computer much more stable by discovering applications that can cause crashes, lockups, slowdowns of your computer.

MemoKit uses a new sophisticated algorithm which allows fast memory optimization and full recovery. It will enable system to respond fast even in memory overload conditions.
Download Details: MemoKit
File Size:6.14 MB
Price:US$ 26.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:18100045
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:09-04-2006

Why we need to use MemoKit?
The main reason of most computer problems is: Low Memory and Windows resources. Memory is most crucial in computer speed and stability. Do you want to improve your computer performance and stability? You can now reveal a remarkable award-winning software utility - MemoKit which includes:

  • Fast Memory Manager and Optimizer

  • Windows Crash Protector

  • Virtual Memory and Hard Disk Cache Optimizer

  • Resources and Memory Leaks Graphic Analyzer and Reporter

It will take care of all memory problems automatically. We guarantee the speed increase up to 100% and even more on slower systems.

MemoKit Key Features:

  • Boost by up to 100% the overall performance of your system!

  • Recover 100 % of your PC memory leaks!

  • Reduce by up to 90% the number of Windows crashes!

  • Automatically manage and optimizes your PC memory!

  • Find the culprits of crashes, lockups and slowdowns!

  • Let your favorite applications use ALL the memory they demand!

  • Optimize your PC Virtual memory and Cache!

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