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Cursor Hider 1.4.2

Cursor Hider helps you to work more productively. It removes the mouse pointer (the mouse cursor does not cover the entered text) while you are working with the keyboard and returns the pointer with any mouse action. You can turn off the mouse pointer completely. This is very useful option for touch screen devices. You will not see the cursor at all !
Download Details: Cursor Hider
File Size:270 KB
Price:US$ 15.00
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Download ID:18150152
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:11-22-2003

Why you should have it?
Example 1: You are taking mouse, pointing to a field and typing first name: John. Stop! What you have entered Joh or Jon?

Cursor Hider helps you make your work fast. You see that you have typed. You don't unnecessary motions (move mouse pointer out).

Example 2: Video clip without Cursor Hider -- pointer over image.

With Cursor Hider -- pointer are removed during 1-2 seconds.

You can turn off mouse pointer at all. This is very useful option for touch screen devices

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