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Smart Bomb PC Shutdown 2.0

Smart Bomb PC Shutdown is a power-off utility with intelligence. Aside from being able to turn off your machine at a certain time, it can monitor CPU usage and network activity in order to delay shutdown while any processes are still active. Save energy, and reduce wear-and-tear on your precious rig.

As a power computer user, you surely leave your PC for some time to crunch certain tasks, be it audio/video processing, file serving, or downloading.
Download Details: Smart Bomb PC Shutdown
File Size:779 KB
Price:US$ 15.75
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Download:Download Now
Download ID:18150114
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:12-19-2005

Smart Bomb PC Shutdown Benefits :

  • CPU load sensor

  • Network activity sensor

  • Shutdown rule presets

  • Can load on startup

  • Can trigger hybernation, standby, or shutdown

How It Works?

Simply set the time when your PC has to be shut down. When the time comes, Smart Bomb "sensors" kick in. The program has two sensors - one for monitoring the CPU and another one for network activity, meaning all ports, uploads or downloads. You can set the amount of CPU below which the PC will shut down. Also, you can set the minimum time for no network activity to force a shutdown. Those two sensors can be used together as well.

For example, one can start a video/audio file conversion and a big download at once, and the PC will power off only when the two processes complete.

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