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WanSpy 1.8

WanSpy is intended to give network administrator a visual view of how their corporate WAN bandwidth is getting utilized. In addition to online monitoring WAN link, WanSpy also facilitates network administrator to keep record of WAN usage. WanSpy is based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) accepted across industry for management of computer networks.
Download Details: WanSpy
File Size:3.33 MB
Price:US$ 200.00
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Download ID:18150052
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:04-15-2004

WanSpy displays various real time graphs for System, IP and Interface mib objects of Cisco's proprietary MIB and MIB II . which facilitate user to real time monitoring and troubleshooting.

Key Features:

  • Display of data transferred by each host IP and host IP pair in terms of bytes and packets through Wan Link.

  • Graphical display of percentage bandwidth utilization by each host IP and host IP pair.

  • Graphical diaplay of graphs (IP traffic statistics, Interface statistics, Memory/CPU utilization and WAN bandwidth utilization) of any Cisco Router.

  • Works in live mode (real-time mode) or work in background node to collect the statistics over a period of time (for inventory purposes).

  • Generate alarm the network administrator based on configurable WAN bandwidth usage threshold.

  • Exports various displayed table to screen, text file, MS excel format.

  • Display Cisco running configuration and allow user to save the file on own hard disk.

  • Allow User to configure Cisco router , user can change the login password and enable secret password of the router and configure the new password.

  • Display ARP table that can either export to microsoft excel or text file or
    print or copy it to clipboard .

  • Display Routing table that can either export to microsoft excel or text file or
    print or copy it to clipboard.

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