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X2Net SmartBoard

X2Net SmartBoard captures everything as you copy and paste, stores all your regularly used data, and lets you paste back into the document you are currently working on with just a few clicks or keystrokes... and it even works in all your applications. And you can even share the data you copy and paste around your network.

SmartBoard is a huge timesaver! Only a few minutes are needed to learn all the things you can do with it.
Download Details: X2Net SmartBoard
File Size:4.55 MB
Price:US$ 27.95
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Download ID:18150156
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:03-27-2006

Capturing data you copy from other programs.

  • The normal Windows Clipboard is designed to keep track of a single piece of information at a time. Sometimes in different formats, but essentially the same basic data. If you copy a second piece of information to the Clipboard you lose what was there before.

  • SmartBoard significantly enhances the capabilities of the Windows Clipboard by enabling the collection of multiple items. It does this by watching the Clipboard and automatically capturing any data that you have configured it to collect.

  • Example. Let's say you wanted to copy three different paragraphs of text, and a couple of graphics from a different Word document, and then paste them somewhere else. Using the Windows Clipboard, you would have to switch between applications and cut/paste each element individually. Time consuming and very prone to mistakes!

Capturing data you copy from other programs.

  • The beauty of SmartBoard is that is designed to act more like an extension of Windows itself, rather than a separate application. It sits quietly and discretely waiting for you to need it when you want to retrieve that precious clip item and paste it back into your document.

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