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xStarter 1.71

xStarter is a computer task automating utility with options to record/playback macros, synchronize folders, run Windows applications, compress (archive data), copy files and folders, download files, send e-mails, display pop-up messages, and launch and terminate NT services.
Download Details: xStarter
File Size:4.40 MB
Price:US$ 29.50
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Download ID:18150001
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:05-04-2004

Importantly, these tasks can be scheduled to be run on a set time, after some pre-defined time or periodically. Also they can be started after some system event occuring. For example, after files or folders modification notification.

Key benefits

  • Protect your data
    Tasks can be created to backup and archive email and document files effortlessly.

  • Monitor modified files and folders
    xStarter can monitor changes to files and folders and send notification by broadcasting a network message or send email.

  • Remote control.
    With xStarter Web Pilot it will be possible to run tasks on remote computers, view tasks and tasks logs, enable and disable tasks from any Web Browser.

  • Actions in the Internet
    Send and receive email messages, manipulate files via FTP, HTTP and a lot more. For example, you can: receive daily reports via email and store attachments in specified folder; send notifications about completed tasks, download log files, etc.

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