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Aurelia Reporter 2.0

Aurelia Reporter is a revolutionary new software that quickly and easily converts any document or report to HTML. "Self-printing" documents such as Word and Excel files can be converted just by selecting the files from Reporter's File Manager style application; For interactively generated reports such as those produced by Quickbooks or Microsoft Access, simply generate the report as you normally would and print it to the Reporter Printer.
Download Details: Aurelia Reporter
File Size:2.54 MB
Price:US$ 49.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:19100008
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:04-23-2003

A Web Publishing Tool. Built-in FTP support makes publishing documents online a snap.

An E-mail Tool. Easily send any document or report as HTML e-mail.

A Document Archive Tool. Save any document as a compressed archive, even dynamically generated (javascript) web pages.

Better than PDF. Reporter's output can be viewed with a standard web browser. No downloads or plug-ins required!

Replaces Fax. No need to fax purchase orders and invoices from your financial software - just send them as HTML e-mail!

Accurate Conversion. Unlike some applications that allow you to save as a web document, Reporter faithfully reproduces complex document layouts including all graphics.

Support for hyperlinks. Web and e-mail address text can be automatically converted into clickable hyperlinks.

Pagination Control. Pages of a multi-page document can be conjoined into a single, long, HTML file, or kept separate and linked with Next/Previous pager controls.

Indexed Web Documents. Automatically generate a table of contents from selected headings.

Advanced Font Handling. Your audience can see your document the way it's supposed to look whether they have your fonts or not. Nonstandard fonts can be rasterized or embedded within the web document using Reporter's advanced font embedding technology.

Compression. Any document can be saved to a single Zip or self-extracting executable file.

Fully Programmable

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