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eBook Snap 1.2

eBook Snap is used to write ebooks, booklets, special reports, collections of articles, compendiums, directories, newsletters, tutorials, training manuals, instructions, "portable" websites, software help files, courses, presentations etc. compiles several types of files, including text and document files. But HTML is the most popular format, since it includes hyperlinks, graphics and even JavaScript for a more dynamic experience. eBookSnap will include all of these!
Download Details: eBook Snap
File Size:1.2 MB
Price:US$ 25.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:19100011
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-16-2004

Unlimited ebook creation. Once you purchase your copy of eBookSnap, you can easily create as many ebooks as you wish... There's no limit on the number of books you can create and you have full functionality. .

Powerful content security. It comes with important security features to minimize theft. It doesn't create temporary folders on the user's hard drive. Copying, printing and right-clicking are disabled.

Complete access control. You have total control over which pages of your ebook people may access. you can password-protect one, ten or all of your pages, You can also add an expiry date or disable your book after a given number of days or views!

Complete portability. Infoproduct created with eBookSnap can be distributed in many different ways, including the Internet, on diskettes, as CD-ROMs, through GSM (mobile devices) or by email attachments!

Latest web technology support. It is based on web browser technology. So, It is compatible with Flash, Quicktime, JavaScript, XML, PDF and any other media and IE-compatible language currently used. Your ebook can be a multimedia experience!

Online content support. With dynamic web content, you are adding life to an otherwise plain, static ebook. For example, you can add links, discussion boards, real-time updated FAQ pages, feedback forms and connectivity to your website to send visitors back to it! Make your book interactive.

Small file size

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