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Internet Content Grabber 1.0

A powerful internet content grabber that lets you automatically download web server contents off the net, extract specific information and integrate data from multiple pages for your later review, reduce download size or for transfer to portable devices, by simply placing all the 'Content Filters' you want fetched into one directory and pressing a button, or using the command line.
Download Details: Internet Content Grabber
File Size:314 KB
Price:US$ 14.95
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Download ID:19100014
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:03-13-2006


Download multiple web pages at a time and store in specified location.

Grab only specific web content, eliminating unwanted code like scripts, ads, images, formating code, etc.

Merge multiple web sites in a single web page for review of multiple web sites in a single source.

Reduce web content for storage or transfer to portable devices.

Automate download tasks using command line parameters. Use in Windows scheduled tasks for automated content retrieval.

New integration with AWeb let you browse iNET filtered sites. See "sample6" to learn how to use the iNET filters.

Create customized "filter.dat" for more advanced site filters.

Supports expressions to customize parameters. For instance the output file: temp{count()}.html will generate temp1.html, temp2.html, etc.

Convert HTML code to text files removing all HTML code.

Make screen capture of web pages in a specified directory.

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