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SaveWeb 1.0

There are many funny Flash Animation files in the web pages, but you can't save Flash into your hard disk directly.
There are many funny image files in the web pages, but you must click Save IE right key Menu and select the folder to save them. Maybe, you must change its file name.
Why do not use SaveWeb? SaveWeb is designed to address these problems for you. With overloaded with details, you can save Flash File (.swf) or image to the Folder named C:\SaveWeb just One click! It's very easy.
Download Details: SaveWeb
File Size:850 KB
Price:US$ 14.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:19100005
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:07-15-2004

What' new of SaveWeb ?

* What you click is what you get
* Capture Flash file or Image easily
* Seamlessly integrated with web browser
* Can Save Flash animation in the popup window
* Support Frame or IFrame HTML Page
* Support HTML Embed Object
* You could send the image or Flash to your friend
* Ease of use

How to use SaveWeb?

* When the image or Flash is loaded completely, move your mouse over the target, do you see a float toolbar appear at the right top corner of the image of Flash? It's here. Now you could click Save or Save As button to save this target.

How to get my Flash or Image has been seved?

* Click Open Favorite Folder button, it will open the Folder with Windows Explorer.

How to mail Flash or Image within web page to my friends?

* Click Mail to button, it will send the URL address of Flash or Image to your friends. Your friends could get them with just one click.

How to set the options of SaveWeb?

* Click Settings button, you could set the Favorite Folder and how to Capture Flash or Image.

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