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Advanced HTML Optimizer 1.0

Advanced HTML Optimizer is intended for HTML documents optimizing, resulting in shorter downloading / uploading time. Pages will appear in client's Internet browser in exactly the same way, but they will be about 20% smaller.

Its main function is to save space on your web pages by removing unnecessary characters and tags. Though the saving percentage may seem small, load time savings is much higher as your client's Internet browser parses the pages more efficient.
Download Details: Advanced HTML Optimizer
File Size:689 KB
Price:US$ 24.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:19110025
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:11-30-2004

Advanced HTML Optimizer Optimization Features:

* Removal of unnecessary tag parameters quotation-marks;
* Removal of unnecessary double space symbols;
* Removal of all CR symbols if such symbols exist;
* Removal of other unnecessary space and tabulation symbols;
* Removal of unnecessary LF symbols;
* Replacement of simple tags (STRONG with B, EM with I, STRIKE with S, BLOCKQUOTE with UL and so on) when specified;
* HTML comments removal;
* Absolute addresses cutting when specified.

Advanced HTML Optimizer Other Features:

* PHP files, XML files, ColdFusion files, Active Server Pages files support;
* Drag-and-Drop and Commanline support;
* Install / Uninstall Support.
* Life-time technical support;
* Backup file operations;
* Nice and easy to use interface;
* Single file mode / Batch mode;
* Directory processing;
* Incredibly fast;
* Single pass optimization;
* Logging and Does not require installed browser;
* Has no special hardware requirements, no runtime libs needed;

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