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Nofeel FTP Server 2.2

Nofeel FTP Server makes use of the excellent characteristic introduced by Windows 2000/XP, it is the first FTP server program specially written for Windows 2000/XP.

Nofeel FTP Server has three run modes you can select. In realtime mode you get full interaction with server including all user commands and server replies, and in silent mode you can only see server's basic statictics but get much more higher performance.
Download Details: Nofeel FTP Server
File Size:2.54 MB
Price:US$ 49.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:19150004
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:06-18-2003

Nofeel FTP Server program is very easy to set up and easy to use, it has many useful options, you can easily change them on server settings dialog or user settings dialog. Besides this, Quick Settings on the program's main window make you can directly change the options mostly often used, you don't need to open any dialog!

Nofeel FTP Server program supports Secure-FTP through SSL. Server has three running types: Regular, Implicit SSL and Explicit SSL. In Explicit SSL type, you also can specify every user account's login type: Regular Only, SSL Only or Both!

With Nofeel FTP Server you get rich information and have real-time control on your users! you can see all users' activities, each user's downloads and uploads, if you want, you can stop the downloading/uploading or disconnect them at any time!

Besides password check, Nofeel FTP Server program also supports NT domain authentication. It can also support customized authentication if you supply your own DLL or EXE file that meets server's requirement.

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