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SiteScan 1.0

SiteScan is web spider software to spider entire websites, and link checker software to find broken links, report server errors and analyze page response times.

SiteScan is link checker software will test every page on your website, list the results and highlight troublesome pages.

Preview pages using the built-in browser, quickly highlight links (or images) on any page or within the source code; modify and resave pages ready for upload to your web server.
Download Details: SiteScan
File Size:1.65 MB
Price:US$ 20.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:19130010
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-27-2005


Fast Web Spider

Provide a start URL and leave SiteScan to spider & analyze every page on your website. Fine-tune the scan by controlling files types, protocols, link depth & more.

Real-time Spider Website Results

Results are displayed in real-time as each link is processed. Make corrections while the scan continues to run.

Source page, target page, response time, HTTP response code & server messages are all reported. Results can be sorted and saved for later review.

Built-in Web Page Browser

Use the built-in browser to preview any page from the scan results; highlight broken links (or images) on the page using customizable colours.

Built-in Code Editor

Toggle pages between browser view and source-code view. Highlight any link in the source code, make changes and save the amended file back to disk ready for upload.

Time Saving Preferences

Control the level of automation by telling SiteScan how to react to events such as losing your Internet connection: "Stop & Prompt?", "Pause & Retry?", "Carry on Regardless?".

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