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3D Button Creator Gold 3.02

3D Button Creator Gold is a tool for calculating 3D buttons to improve the graphical impression of your homepage or your own program, using the 3D button bitmaps as customized graphical buttons.

Just open the program and adjust all the parameters of your button using graphical real-time control. When you think that it looks perfect, just export the button as a bitmap, jpeg or gif-file (for web use). If you want to insert the button to your homepage just use the HTML Tag.
Download Details: 3D Button Creator Gold
File Size:1.40 MB
Price:US$ 24.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:19120036
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-13-2005


button shapes
Rectangle, Ellipse/Circle, RoundRectangle (with adjustable roundness)

button dimensions
maximum 330 x 195 pixels

maximum 16 million colors, adjustable button color, text color, background color, each selected with red/green/blue value sliders

light positions and settings
adjustable light intensity and size as well as adjustable depth-effect (border fade-out)

text functions
antialiased (when selected in Windows settings) or 3D-Text. Text- properties: size, font, color, type (bold, underline) and position

button-texture bitmap import with brightness adjustment and full 3d-mapping and lighting

transparent icon usage possibility with free positioning

export formats
Windows Bitmap (bmp), JPeG Encoded picture (jpg) - with adjustable compression level, Graphics Interchange (gif)

HTML TAG generator for mouse rollover effects on web pages

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