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Cx Nav Bar 1.0

CX Nav Bar is a drop down flash menu with a chrome style and sounds which hleps you to easily create navigation menu for your web site. It can be easy configured with a text editor, all you need to do is upload menu.swf and menu.xml, then open menu.xml with a text editor like notepad and change the values for button text, url to open, etc. Make sure you save the file as UTF-8 encoding, notepad from windows has this option set by default when saving the file.
Download Details: Cx Nav Bar
File Size:13 KB
Price:US$ 19.00
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Download ID:19120014
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:09-12-2006

Sub menus items number can be changed and main button can be hidden so you can have up to 7 main buttons and up to 8 sub buttons. Sounds can also be enabled or disabled by configuration file. A background file can be dynamically loaded in the menu, this background can be a swf or a jpg file and its name is set by the XML file.


Easily create your own navigation menu for web site.

Sounds can also be enabled or disabled by configuration file.

You can upload a custom background into the menu so that you do not have that empty area under the menu, this background file can be swf or jpg format.

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