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HTML Protector

A web page protector that helps you protect the content of your web page by preventing others from viewing your source code.
HTML Protector HTML Protector is a web page protector that helps you protect the content of your web page by preventing others from viewing your source code. Additionally, it will stop spam robots from extracting email addresses from your pages as well as prevent people from using automated downloader's to download your entire web site to their hard drive. HTML Protector offers two JavaScript based encryption methods to choose from and a variety of other features like right click disable, printing disable, password protect your pages, insert copyright information and more!

HTML Protector will meet all your web page protection needs -- compared to similar products currently available, HTML Protector contains features that you will find far superior.
  • Would not like to have a web page that took you a week to design to be "stolen" in one minute?
  • Would not like to have your e-mail box full of all sorts of unsolicited spam emails everyday?
  • Would not like to have someone copy your entire website to their local hard disk?
Buy HTML Protector $29.95       Download 1    Download 2

HTML Protector Key Benefits:
  • Protect Everything on Your Web Page
    With HTML Protector, you can protect everything on your web page, including HTML source code, JavaScript code, VBScript code, text, links and graphics. After successfully protecting your website, people will not be able to view or edit your source code, as well as JavaScript/VBScript. Your text cannot be copied to clipboard, your link addresses will not be displayed in the status bar of the browser, and your graphics will not be able to be saved by using the "Save image..." function provided by web browsers.
    In short, your web page can get complete protection from HTML Protector.
  • Prevent Others from Making Unauthorized Copies of Your Web Pages
    While users will still be able to view your web pages and save it to their local disk, the pages are encrypted by HTML Protector so that the user will not be able to understand its source code, which will prevent them from using the code on their own pages.
  • Make Your Pages Ineligible to Web Filters
    Lately, more and more companies, government organizations and universities have started to implement content filters to deny access to websites that contain certain words. If your website is affected by these filters, your website will not be available to all users. Luckily, if you implement HTML Protector on your site, these filters will be unable to scan your source code. Your webpage will be available to everyone.
  • Prevent Automated E-mail Grabbers from Obtaining Addresses on Your Website
    Some software packages are designed to scan all the pages on a website and extract all the e-mail addresses from it - this is called an e-mail grabber. With this information, spammers are able to get a large number of valid e-mail addresses from any page that is not protected, and these addresses will eventually end up in the hands of a spammer. HTML Protector can protect the email addresses on your pages by encrypting the HTML so that e-mail grabber programs are unable to understand the source code. The use of HTML Protector to encrypt your webpage, you will stand a great chance to reduce the unsolicited e-mails these addresses receive.
  • Prevent Automated Downloading Programs from Getting Your Whole Site
    Some visitors try to use programs like Teleport or WebZip to download an entire website, which downloads every single file on every page. This can occupy much of your servers bandwidth, slowing down the other visitors of your site which you will probably not be to happy about. HTML Protector offers protection by encrypting all of the links on your pages, so automated downloaders will be unable to analyze the deep links your pages contain - this will save your sites bandwidth for the rest of your visitors.
HTML Protector Software Features:
  • Compatibility with All Popular Web Browsers
    HTML Protector retains your pages integrity so your encrypted file looks identical to the original. It's compatible with all Java Script enabled browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera.
  • Encrypt E-mail Address Links to Reduce Spam
    Protect all e-mail links on your pages, which may effectively prevent spammers from extracting the e-mail addresses from your page with an automatic e-mail grabber.
  • Protect Your Website from Automated Downloading Programs
    Protect all the links on your page to help prevent automated downloader's like Teleport Pro from downloading your entire website.
  • Encrypt the HEAD and BODY Section of Your HTML Source Code
    While not affecting the way your page is displayed in browsers, this will prevent others from understanding and reuse the source code of your page.
  • Wizard-Like User Interface with Tabs
    Our step-by-step "tab style" wizard allows you to easily protect your HTML pages in several minutes. Easy to setup and easy to run, and no programming knowledge needed!
  • Flexible Encryption Option - EXCLUSIVE!
    It encrypts HTML files, SHTML files, ASP files, PHP files, JSP files and external java script files(.js) properly. You can encrypt either a single file, entire website or a file list at once, and you can make original page be overwritten with protected one, copy protected page to a certain directory or save protected page as a new file.
  • Auto Backup
    Ability to backup the original HTML files before protection so that you can always recover them at any time later.
  • Independent of Language - EXCLUSIVE!
    HTML Protector will properly encrypt your files no matter what character set you use. You may have texts in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese or any other language.
  • Powerful Partial Encryption Capabilities - EXCLUSIVE!
    Exclude parts of the code from being encrypted as you specified.
  • User Profile
    Easily save your current set of protection options into user profile and quickly apply them later.
  • Command Line Support
    Built-in command line support that provide you with the power to control HTML Protector without the graphical user interface.
  • Private HTML Comment Tags Support - EXCLUSIVE!
    Ability to understand a set of private HTML comment tags in original pages and follow the corresponding instructions during protection process.
  • Disable the Ability of Browsers to Cache Your Website
    This disables the ability to save your page to local cache. It is useful to prevent e-mail grabbers from extracting the addresses from your site.
  • Stop Search Engine Robots from Indexing Your Website
    This will tell search engine robots they are not allowed to index your page.
  • Expire Your Pages Immediately
    This disables browsers from caching this page. It will not be saved in the user's local TEMP folder.
  • Disable the Image Toolbar and Smart Tags in Internet Explorer 6
    Internet Explorer 6 added a feature that allowed users to mouse over an image on a webpage and be given the opportunity to save it to their local disk. This option will disable that option from Internet Explorer 6 browsers.
  • Disable Right Click Abilities on Pages or Graphics
    This option will prevent users from right clicking on the text, graphics and links. They will be unable to save graphics or view the pages properties. When the user tries to right click, a warning message will appear that you can customize to say whatever you would like.
  • Disable the Ability to Select Text and Copy to the Clipboard
    This option will disable the user's ability to select text, graphics or any other elements on the pages - making it so they cannot copy them to their systems clipboard.
  • Disable the Ability to View Your Pages Offline
    This option will prevent the user's ability to view your page in offline mode. If the visitor tries to save your page, they will simply find a blank document when they open it while offline.
  • Have Link Addresses Not Appear in the Status Bar
    Normally, when the visitor hovers their mouse over a link on a page it will display the link location in the browsers status bar. This option will disable that ability on your pages.
  • Disable Page Printing
    This option will cause the page to be hidden when printing, causing users who try to print your page to simply get a blank sheet.
  • Disable Clipboard and Print Screen - EXCLUSIVE!
    You can use this option to totally disable the clipboard as well as the ability to use Print Screen to take screenshots of your page. The clipboard will be completely disabled for the duration that the page is open.
  • Disable Drag and Drop
    This option will prevent users from having the ability to drag graphics or other elements from your webpage and drop them outside the browser.
  • Disable Adobe Acrobat Web Capture - EXCLUSIVE!
    Adobe Acrobat web capture can be used to convert the text and graphics of your web pages to a PDF document. To disable the ability to steal the content of your pages, you should enable this option.
  • Disable Opera users - EXCLUSIVE!
    People using the Opera browser will be able to use the right-click menu on protected page even if "Disable right mouse button" option has been applied. This option gives you the ability to block all Opera users from viewing your pages.
  • Prevent Other Websites from Framing Your Web Page
    This option will prevent your page from being displayed in a frame on another page.
  • Ensure your web page is being visited normally from a specific domain/URL location
    This option will ensure your page can only be viewed from the defined domain name or URL address. If someone tries to use your page on another website, since the URL will be different all that will display is a blank page.
  • Ensure your web page is being visited normally from a specific domain/URL referrer
    This option will keep your web page being visited from designated referrer domain name or URL address. It is useful if you don't want your page to be linked from other websites. Visitor will see a blank page in case the referrer is not allowed to link to your page.
  • Password Protect Your Web Page
    This will help you create simple password protection for your pages. When used, it will require the user to enter a password to view the page. If the incorrect password is entered, they will simply see a blank page.
  • Protect image on page by using server-side script (PHP, Perl and ASP) - EXCLUSIVE!
    Web browsers usually store all embedded images in their caches, these files can be captured from there easily. To stop that, please check this option to change all image links within source code to server side script calls.
  • Protect image on page by converting it into Flash movie - EXCLUSIVE!
    This option converts all embedded images into Macromedia Flash movies. Images are stored in Flash movies after protection so that visitors will be unable to save images by right clicking on them. It also prevents images being captured from web browser cache.
  • Protect image on page by splitting it into pieces - EXCLUSIVE!
    This option splits your images into pieces and generate the appropriate HTML code to display those pieces in your pages as if this is an integral, non-splitted image.
  • Protect image on page by adding text-base or image-based watermark to it - EXCLUSIVE!
    This option adds a semi-transparent watermark overlay to pictures you will be posting on the web. It is a good way to identify the source and discourage people from copying your photos and claiming them as their own.
  • Insert a Copyright String into the HTML Code
    Use this option to add copyright information to the top of your HTML code. When visitors view the source code, they will see the copyright information.
  • No Quibble 30-day Money-back Guarantee
    There is a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on HTML Protector, even though you also have 30 days to try it for free before registering! The 30-day money-back period starts at the time of registration. If you buy now you will be enjoying all the benefits of the registered version within minutes!
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