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How to convert PDF to TIFF

Converting PDF file to TIFF image is very easy with AP PDF to TIFF Batch Converter.

Tagged Image File Format (abbreviated TIFF) is a raster file format for digital images, created by Aldus for use with PostScript printing and now controlled by Adobe. TIFF has become the de facto standard graphics format for high color depth (32-bit) graphics, is widely used in image manipulation applications such as Photoshop, DTP, and scanning, and can be directly manipulated by PostScript.

If you want to convert PDF documents to TIFF, you can use the program AP PDF to TIFF Batch Converter. Now, I'd like to take it as an example to show you the detailed process of converting PDF to TIFF.

Step.1 Download AP PDF to TIFF Batch Converter here and install it.

Step.2 Run AP PDF to TIFF Batch Converter. And you just click the button "Add Files" or "Add Directories" to add PDF files which will be converted tiff files into the program list.

Step.3 Click the "Settings" button, and then select the "General" pages. You can do some options as you like:
  • Save Mode - The system supports two kinds of save mode. You can save the result of tiff documents to the input directory, also save to the custom directory. By default, the system places the tiff documents in the same directory with the PDF document. If you need to save tiff files to other directories, check the "Save to following directory" and click the "Browse" button.
  • Page Range - The system supports to customize pages. You can select several pages document to convert, and even at the discretion of you to convert pages document. Such as "1,2,3","2-100" etc.
  • Page Zoom - You can zoom the fonts, images, graphics and the pages to be suitable for reading. The program supports 50 percent to 200 percent of page size.
  • View Tiffs - When you finished the PDF files which you want to convert into tiff files, you can choose the option to view the result tiff documents.
Step.4 Click the "Settings" button, and then select the "Tiff Options" pages. Through the tiff option you can set outputting result tiff dpi, 1 or 4 or 8 or 24 color bits of the tiff, colorized or grayscale palette, jpg compression quality, the compression of the tiff and multiple pages tiff file etc.

Step.5 Click the "Settings" button, and then select the "PDF Security" pages. In order to convert the encrypted documents, you will need to provide one or even two passwords - one is the owner password and the other is the user password.

Step.6 Click the "Settings" button and when the open file dialog appears, then select the "Log Options" pages. You can sure to record log after you check the "Sure to record system log", and you can place log file at any directory which you like, the log file is default placed at the program directory.

Step.7 When all attributes about the PDF file have been sure, all you need to do is click button "OK" to accept or button "Cancel" to reject. If you click button "OK", the program start to work. When the program is working, all buttons are disabled except the button "Stop".

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