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AVI to MP3

You'd like to convert you AVI files to MP3 to make a CD? Try AVI to MP3 converter listed below.

AVI, an acronym for Audio Video Interleave, is a video file format introduced by Microsoft in November 1992, as part of the Video for Windows technology. *.avi files contain both audio and video data in a standard container that allows simultaneous playback. Most *.avi files also use the file format extensions developed by the Matrox OpenDML group in February 1996. These files are supported by Microsoft, and are known unofficially as "AVI 2.0".

Its main Advantages:
Choice of codecs allows experimentation with different results. Plays in mainstream media players such as Windows Media Player. Can be used as a starting point to create playable DVDs.

Its main Drawbacks:
The codec used to create your movie is required in order to view it. Often produces larger file sizes than other file formats. Some codecs take a long time to create your AVI movie. Some codecs produce reduced visual quality. AVI format does not support user interactivity (e.g. "click to continue" pauses).

MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a popular digital audio encoding and lossy compression format, designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent audio, yet still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio to most listeners. It was invented by a team of European engineers who worked in the framework of the EUREKA 147 DAB digital radio research program, and it became an ISO/IEC standard in 1991.

MP3 is an audio-specific compression format. It provides a representation of pulse-code modulation-encoded audio in much less space than straightforward methods, by using psychoacoustic models to discard components less audible to human hearing, and recoding the remaining information in an efficient manner. Similar principles are used by JPEG, a lossy image compression format.

Sometimes, it is necessary to convert AVI format files to MP3 format ones; software listed below will satisfy you.

AVI to MP3 Related Software
AVOne - All to MP3 Converter AVOne - All to MP3 Converter   download 1   download 2
A powerful MP3 and WAV creator with great ability of converting AVI to MP3.
ImTOO Video to Audio Converter ImTOO Video to Audio Converter   down 1   down 2
A powerful MPEG to MP3 converter which can convert MPEG to MP3 and convert AVI to MP3.
Cucusoft All Audio/Video to MP3 Converter Cucusoft All Audio/Video to MP3 Converter  
download 1   download 2
The powerful MP3/WAV creator which converts AVI/DVD/VCd/MPEG/RM to MP3/WAV.
MP4 to MP3 Converter MP4 to MP3 Converter   download 1   download 2
Convert MP4, AVI, DVD Video, VOB, MPEG, WMV, ASF, ASX, M1V, M2V, M2P, WM, WMD, WMP, WMX, etc. to MP3 Audio.
Audio Grabber Audio Grabber   download 1   download 2
Grab MP3 WAV from AVI VCD DVD MPEG WMV WMA DAT AC3 RM and convert those formats to MP3 WAV.
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