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Utilities > AntiVirus

AnVir Virus Destroyer 3.6

AnVir Virus Destroyer is a powerful tool for Windows that protects computers against viruses and manages running processes and startup programs. It can: protect your computer from been infected with viruses, cure an infected computer, view full-info about running programs, including processor and memory usage, manage Windows startup applications and more...
Download Details: AnVir Virus Destroyer
File Size:168 KB
Price:US$ 39.95
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Download:Download Now
Download ID:18140054
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:7-12 -2003

Key Features:

  • It can access most-often used applications and folders with automatically filled tray menu and speed-up Windows boot time and increase computer performance by disabling useless programs and delay startup loading.

  • Antivirus monitor continuously monitors computer memory, and automatically detects, and removes viruses without interrupting your work. It terminates viruses and cures the infected computer by removing all virus stuff.

  • Startup manager shows list of all applications that automatically run on Windows startup.

  • Task manager shows full information about all running processes: file path, file description, work time, memory usage, processor usage, parent process, launch parameters, etc.

  • Monitor of Windows startup files. You will be notified at the moment, when any program tries to add itself to startup list.

  • Log shows info about created processes, windows and new startup items.

  • Tray icon with the graphical representation of processor usage and automatically filled tray menu with most offten used applications.

  • Quick access to main system tools and folders.

  • Little size on disk, simple installation and usage, low usage of system resources, quick and friendly e-mail support.

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