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Bitguard Personal Firewall 1.0

Bitguard Personal Firewall is designed to specifically meet the needs of home users with networked computers connected to an intranet or the Internet. It is packed with features to control all traffic and launch of applications, and to protect against attacks and the spreading of malicious data.

Based on a simple, easy understandable firewall structure that facilitates the configuration and ensures maximum security, the Bitguard Personal Firewall will provide a high level of protection
Download Details: Bitguard Personal Firewall
File Size:2.00 MB
Price:US$ 30.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:18140038
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:31-03-2004

Key Features :

  • Process Control ? Control which applications are able to run on the computer, and prevent the execution of specific applications.

  • Stealth ports ? hides ports on the computer, to prevent attacks and port-scans.

  • Protects system against unknown threats ? By configuring the firewall to prevent unknown processes from execution and communication, a system can be secured from undiscovered threats..

  • Gigabit & Wireless Compatible ? Offers fast stable protection on Gigabit and Wireless connections.

  • Encrypted databases ? Provides security against malicious code trying to attack the firewall configuration.

  • .
  • Always Protecting ? All security elements located indevice drivers that cannot be stopped without administrative, ensuring full protection at all times.

  • Password protection ? Implemented at the lowest possible level as NDIS Miniport and TDI drivers.

  • Driver based ? Implemented at the lowest possible level as NDIS Miniport and TDI drivers.

  • No hidden configurations ? Simple and easy to manage configuration where all settings are visible with easy access.

  • Low system requirements ? Minimum system overhead required.

  • Block unwanted traffic ?Configurable to automatically drop any illegal or unwanted network traffic.

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