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Mastr Scan 1.0

Mastr Scan is also powered by some advanced features like Block Active X, Block Cookies, Block BHOs, Registry back up, Live Monitoring for IE home page hijacking, system and win ini file change monitor, monitor registry changes, tracking cookies monitoring and Process monitoring.

Mastr Scan scans your entire system using a constantly updated database of thousands of known threats. If any files or traces of pests match the threat definitions database, MASTR SCAN immediately quarantines them.
Download Details: Mastr Scan
File Size:4.74 MB
Price:US$ 29.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:18140016
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:09-15-2006

Mastr Scan Key Features:

  • Scans, quarantines and deletes spywares, malwares, adwares and trojans allows recovery as well, can be scheduled to scan automatically at regular intervals.

  • Scans memory for active pests and kills the processes.

  • Deletes cookies.

  • Checks and removes pests from registry and start-up areas.

  • Downloads and installs updates automatically on availability.

  • Saves all pest-related events in an easy-to-read log file.

  • Blocks bad web sites cookies, BHO's and active X installed on your PC.

  • Takes important registry back-up and recovery for emergency restore.

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