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SmartFix Security Centre 2006 1.0

Whether you are on the Internet extensively or only rarely share files with others, feel safe that these programs are protecting your PC in real-time as well as any providing you with the ability to fix historical problems that your PC may have.
Download Details: SmartFix Security Centre 2006
File Size:2.3 MB
Price:US$ 15.98
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:18140029
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:09-20-2006

SmartFix Security Center 2006 Key Features:

  • Anti-Spyware: Protects your computer from harmful spyware and adware threats in real-time spyware protection and specially requested comprehensive spyware scans.

  • Firewall: monitors Internet and network traffic to provide application-level protection for your PC against possible security threats.

  • IntruShield: IntruShield protects against unknown security threats and hijacks by monitoring application behaviour and allows only trusted programs to run.

  • Anti-Spam: provides intelligent spam protection against that can customized to your personal preferences. Also protects against viral emails.

  • Anti-Phish: identifies and alerts you to fraudulent emails asking for bank or personal information.

  • File Shredder: erase files and documents from your hard drive, so they can never be retrieved again.

  • Anti-Virus: provides online scan to protect your PC from harmful viruses as well as the latest security alerts.

  • LiveUpdate: Fast and Easy to use, provides quick updates keeps your PCs protection current.

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