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How to burn VOB to DVD

Burn VOB to DVD for playback on your home DVD player

DVD, introduced in 1996, was originally known as Digital Video Disc but soon became known as Digital Versatile Disc. It is the next generation of optical disc storage technology. which shares the same overall dimensions of a CD, but have significantly higher capacities - holding from 4 to 28 times as much data. Single sided DVDs can store 4.7GB for single layer and 8.5GB for dual-layer disks. Double sided DVDs can store 9.4GB for single layer and 17GB for dual-layer disks.

When you access the DVD drive you'll see at least 2 directories: AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. AUDIO_TS is used for DVD Audio and contains the audio files, whereas VIDEO_TS is used to store all data for the movie. There might be more directories which contain DVD-ROM features for your PC. When you see the VIDEO_TS directory, you will find there are three types of files: .VOB, .IFO and .BUP. A VOB contains several streams multiplexed together: Video, Audio and Subtitles. Video is MPEG-2, audio can be AC-3, Linear PCM, Mpeg 2 multichannel or MPEG1 layer2 2 channel audio. IFO Files give the player important navigational information, like where a chapter starts, where a certain audio or subtitle stream is located, etc. This is the reason why it's only possible to rip certain parts of a movie (like a chapter) with a ripper which can read these files. BUP files are just backup files off the IFO files. As their counterparts they are not encrypted.

In order to burn the VOB files to a DVD disc, other standard DVD-Video files are needed as well, including IFO and BUP files. The burning is easily done using software like Nero or Roxio. If you've got the VOB files but nothing else, you can get a free program named Ifoedit which will create the IFO/BUP files for you, or you can try the following software. It can not only create the IFO/BUP files but also burn them to DVD with a few clicks.

buy Download the VOB to DVD software here

The following is one of the VOB to DVD software step by step guide, telling you how to burn VOB to DVD with Super DVD Creator. It was designed to convert your ASF WMV AVI DIVX MPEG to VCD SVCD DVD, and create VCD SVCD DVD from your digital video recorder, Webcam, or downloaded file:

Step 1. Download Super DVD Creator , and install it.

Step 2. Run the Super DVD Creator. The software will give you 3 choices: a. video disc creator: direct make a DVD VCD or SVCD from source clips; b. Video Disc Burn: just burn the exist mpeg file to DVD SVCD or VCD disc; c. Mpeg file Converter: just convert source clips to DVD SVCD VCD Mpeg1 Mpeg2 format, will not burn to disc. At this step you can choose to output Video Disc Burn.

Step 3. Select the output format "DVD disc", and then click "OK" button.

Step 4. Click the button which is the first button from left on the bottom of the interface to add the VOB files into Source-list.

Step 5. Click the button which is the first button from right on the bottom of the interface. Choose your Working folder, the output media will be saved to the Working folder before burn it to DVD. If the output file size is bigger than 4.3 G, you need to set the Split size, the software will split the output file to your specify size. And then you can use the burn function to burn to disc.

Step 6. When all the options are OK, press the Start button and waiting for end .

Note - If your CD or DVD Burner did not work with the Super DVD Ceator, you need download Aspi Layer here and install it. Unzip the and read the read_me.txt how to install it.

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