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VOB to Mpeg

Convert VOB files to Mpeg for exchanging DVD movies though the World Wide Web

A VOB file (DVD-Video Object) is a file type contained in DVD-Video media. It contains the actual Video, Audio, Subtitle and Menu content in stream form.

MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group. MPEG is the name given to a set of standards used for compression and storage of motion video. The major advantage of MPEG compared to other video and audio coding formats is that MPEG files are much smaller for the same quality. Current standards that exist include, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-3, and MPEG4.

Generally VOB files on a DVD disc are encrypted in some way so always they can not be played independently. It means you can not decode VOB files on a DVD as single video files, generally. Therefore, if you want to stream the DVD movies over the internet, or if you wish to convert VOB files to PC files for editing, you could use DVD rippers which can convert VOB to Mpeg or some Video Converters.

Mpeg is often used as a file extension for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, and MPG can be either an abbreviation for MPEG or is used as a file extension for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2.

Related Software for VOB to Mpeg
Imtoo DVD Ripper Imtoo DVD Ripper   download 1   download 2
It is a super DVD VOB converter and ripper which can convert VOB to MPEG, convert VOB to AVI, convert VOB to DivX, convert VOB to MPG, convert VOB to VCD easily and quickly with excellent image and sound quality.
Flash DVD Ripper Flash DVD Ripper   download 1   download 2
Convert VOB to MPEG, VOB to MPG, DVD VOB to SVCD, DVD VOB to VCD, DVD VOB to AVI Easily.
DVD TO MPEG Converter DVD TO MPEG Converter   download 1   download 2
Convert DVD Movies in different regions, convert DVD to MPEG1, convert DVD to Mpeg2 and the video output quality in MPEG format can be as good as the origimal DVD Video DISC.
DVD Ripper Wizard DVD Ripper Wizard   download 1   download 2
It can help you backup DVD movies to MPEG2 and MPEG4 files.
DVD TO MPEG Converter DVD to VCD SVCD AVI Converter   download 1   download 2
convert your DVD movie files to DIVX, AVI, SVCD, VCD, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 as you like.
SAGA DVD Ripper SAGA DVD Ripper   download 1   download 2
It is powerful tool to DVD copying and ripping software which can copy DVD to AVI DIVX files or MPEG1 MPEG2 files.
WinXMedia DVD Ripper WinXMedia DVD Ripper   download 1   download 2
It is a powerful and easy-to-use DVD ripper. It can produce high quality MPEG1 (VCD), MPEG2 (SVCD) ,AVI(DivX, MPEG4, YUV...) video files.
XiliSoft DVD Ripper XiliSoft DVD Ripper   download 1   download 2
Convert VOB to MPG, VOB to Mpeg2, VOB to Mpeg4, DVD to Mpeg4, DVD to AVI.
Amadis DVD Ripper Amadis DVD Ripper   download 1   download 2
It is an powerful and easy DVD ripper application for converting DVDs to VCD(MPEG1), SVCD(MPEG2), AVI and rip convert DVD to DivX XviD (MPEG4) with excellent output quality.
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