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Convert DVD VOB file soundtrack to WAV for getting high quality sound.

VOB stands for DVD Video Object. It is basically one of the main files found on DVD-Video discs and contains the actual movie data. Basically VOB file is just a basic MPEG-2 system stream -- meaning that it is a file that contains several streams multiplexed together: Video, Audio and Subtitles. Video is MPEG-2, audio can be AC-3, Linear PCM, Mpeg 2 multichannel or MPEG1 layer2 2 channel audio. VOB files have a naming standard on DVD-Video discs:


xx - Title number
yy - Section number

For example, VTS_01_2.VOB means Title 1, Section 2. The whole movie is usually contained within 1 title (usually vts_01), while the rest of the titles may be for things such as extras, trailers ... Video_ts.vob usually contains the main menu information. Each section of the title (eg. vts_01_1.vob) cannot exceed 0.99GB in size. Normally, the title that contains the actual movie is located in a title that has many 0.99GB sized files - the last one in the title set may not be this size.

WAV format is the standard Windows audio file format and it was originally jointly developed by Microsoft and IBM. It is a commonly used music file format for digital recording. WAV files are the largest music files around, making the audio quality superior to all other music file formats, such as MP3, WMA.

If you would like the dialog of the vob file and want to store it on your computer with the highest quality, you need to convert vob files to wav. Download one of the software below, install and run it, then you could begin to convert your favourite vob files to wav.

Related Software for VOB to WAV
DVD Audio Ripper DVD Audio Ripper   download 1   download 2
Extract DVD audio to WAV, DVD audio to MP3 and support AC3 and LPCM audio track.
AimOne Audio Grabber AimOne Audio Grabber   download 1   download 2
A pwoerful video to MP3 WAV audio grabber and converter supports AVI VCD DVD MPEG WMV WMA DAT AC3 RM to MP3 WAV audio grabber and audio converter.
AVI MPEG WMV RM to MP3 Converter AVI MPEG WMV RM to MP3 Converter   down 1   down 2
Convert all video(.vob) and audio files to MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats. It supports AVI, MPEG, RM/RMVB, WMV/ASF, MOV video and audio formats.
AC3 Decoder AC3 Decoder   Buy for Instant Download Now
It is easy-to operate tool for converting AC3 and VOB files to WMA, PCM WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats.
Top DVD Audio Ripper Top DVD Audio Ripper   download 1   download 2
It is an efficient utility for ripping your DVD audio to WMA, WAV, OGG and MP3 formats.
iSofter DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe iSofter DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe   download 1   download 2
It provides a simple, fast method to extract DVD audio to MP3 or WAV,AC3 format.
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